Hands, holding hands

Here’s a little snippet of ‘Public Displays of Affection’, which was performed at the Place on the 25th of January 2012.  We are working to have a full length video online soon!



It’s showtime!

The time has come! We’ve begun our tech time and the clock is ticking down to the 8pm metaphorical “curtain up”!!

Here’s a quick photo of some of the dancers warming up and don’t forget to follow our twitter feed for any pre-performance pictures and thoughts!




Believe it or not, we are officially in 2012!

For our upcoming performance, Public Displays of Affection, we’ve been taking the time to notice the little intimicacies that occur amidst the hustle and bustle of our environment.  As we’re located in London, the city provides many moments of chaos and crowd!  But when you shift your gaze, and take a moment, it’s amazing all the glances, holding of hands, and sly smiles that you see around you.

We’ll be going back into the studio with these moments in mind!  Watch this space!!

Do you ever feel loneliness?


Here’s a short clip from a recent rehearsal!  ‘Do you ever feel loneliness’ is a question we keep returning to in rehearsal.  This video looks like we’re contemplating the fairly dramatic (melodramatic?!) connotations of those words – but maybe it’s just the Rachmaninov in the background towards the end!  (And the obvious drama created by my camera focusing skills…)

Maybe Brief Encounter is subconsciously creeping in…