and time yet – A Dance for Film

We have recently collaborated with Electric Copy Film to create and time yet, a short dance for film.

and time yet catches fleeting moments, dissolving memories and small glimpses of a meeting of two people. Somehow other-worldly and yet achingly visceral, the film captures in motion those small intimacies which we struggle to say – or which we should have said and didn’t.

We shot in a beautiful, picturesque location down in the Kent countryside in March, and the film had its premiere showing at the first Electric Eclectic event (a new arts evening curated by Electric Copy Films and nylon theatre) at the Effra Social in Brixtonon the 11th of August 2013.

We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund and time yet, and are incredibly grateful to all of the people who so kindly supported our project.

Our amazing benefactors are:

Judith Edwards
Mathilde Vu
Emma Callister
Jes Levine
Robin Tetley
William Sulkin
Clare Haupt
Virginia & Rob
Samuel Treglown
Stacey Prickett
Fleur Stubley
Rona Sulkin
Natalie Cross
Violet Sulkin
Andrew Locke

Grace Saunders
Ian Jeffries
Matthew Caruso
Jim Carr
Jonathan Jordan
Sabine Wroblewski

Rocco captures Hanna's entranc eto the barn!

Rocco captures Hanna’s entrance to the barn!


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