Dear Akram…

If you’re a UK dance person, you probably know all about Akram Khan’s badly misjudged comments on female choreographers and opportunity in the dance industry.

We’re not going to rehash it, but in a nutshell, he said that there was no need for more female choreographers (i.e. opportunities for female choreographers), just more need for good choreographers.  He didn’t mention whether the two were mutually exclusive, orrrrr…


Suffice to say, there was a measure of consternation at nylon HQ.  Mr Khan has never shown himself to be the most diplomatic, measured, educated or eloquent of dance mouth-pieces (see also: UK training sucks, Arts Council cuts = Good – my paraphrasing), but this latest declaration seems like an additional suckerpunch, right in the…ovary, or mammaries, or some other inconvenient lady-part that just gets in the way of making good dance.

There’s been quite a lot of back and forth on this in the press (including a statement signed by hundreds of industry professionals – male and female – rebuking his comments), but so far we really like this response from Article 19:

And thus, the ever spiraling conversation about women in dance – and perhaps more specifically in choreography – continues, ad infinitum.

What do you think?  Should we be moving the conversation beyond ‘why does this happen?’ to ‘what should we do about it?’  Or rather, what should or could be done to address the current status quo?


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