The Memory Project with Vanessa Van Wormer Dance

We’ve been lucky enough to spend time in the sun-drenched Davies studios at Roehampton Dance this month, in transatlantic collaboration with Vanessa Van Wormer Dance on current work, The Memory Project.

It’s like a homecoming for us really, being back under the vaulted canopy of the airy studios of Froebel College – of course Heather and I spent many a sweaty, exuberant, emotional hour in these studios whilst completing our MFAs, and it is also where we met Vanessa when she joined us as an exchange student, so it was nice to be in familiar territory.

Vanessa’s latest project explores memory and the act of remembering, using objects and testimony as an impetus for movement material, and is a collaboration with composer Andrew Alden.  It was really exciting for us to share how we use memory within our own practice, techniques, processes and exercises that we use to delve into the ephemeral world of the remembered – and all of the slippages that that presents.  It was so interesting to see our individual styles and genres mould, meld and groove along together – Vanessa’s work is very much rooted in contemporary ballet, and our desires move from contemporary dance, live art and physical theatre.

We can’t wait to see the final piece next year!

You can find out more about Vanessa van Wormer Dance here.


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