almost time.

This week we’ve been back in the rehearsal room, preparing for our performance this Saturday of “Every Way Up Has Its Way Down” at the Dorfman Hub.  It’s been a pleasure to sink back into this work – rediscovering the familiar moments as well as eagerly chipping away at those moments and questions that we’ve yet to uncover.

We hope to see you there.

With London as our backdrop and home, in Every Way Up Has Its Way Down, we look back to a time when Brick Lane meant beigels as we trace the footsteps of historic Jewish immigrants in the East End.  Simultaneously mapping the paths of our own ancestors, our cultural experiences, and how in 2014 we find ourselves both inside and outside of these inherited and learned social conventions, we ask:  ‘Do we know where we are going, if we don’t know where we have been?’  

The piece interrogates our relationship with unknown pasts whilst considering our current etchings on the city’s landscape.  Sharing a Jewish background, we have grown up and experienced this heritage in very different ways, in locations on opposite sides of the globe.  Now, we are both aliens in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.  We find ourselves uncovering the past in order to place ourselves in the present.  Every Way Up charts our attempts to find home in a place and context where we feel like outsiders.



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