Do a little dance…

The time has come.  nylon theatre is indeed ‘getting down tonight’.  Ok, well, not tonight, but every Thursday night for the next few weeks.

Let me explain.

We have begun R&D for a new piece! So, mostly, we are ‘doing a little dance’.  We’ve found a great local base for ourselves, and have the luxury and joy of spending time in the rehearsal room again.  At the moment we’re doing lots of thinking and lots of moving and are exploring memories, heritage, lineage and belonging.  I think.  At the moment.  It’s terribly exciting to be at the start of something again, something unformed and osscilating with possibility!

So much gushing, but we really are rather excited.  PLUS, (more exciting news) the next nylon theatre performance is coming up on the 4th of August…

And on that note, I’m going to leave you wanting more…watch this very space for news, updates and more information on our August performance!


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