Dear friends,

We would like to invite you to a physical theatre workshop.  It will be run by Heather Caruso and Amy Watson, co-founders of nylon theatre.

Tuesday 29 May
Arch 468, London (10 minute walk from Brixton Station)*
suggested donation of £3 to help us cover the cost of space

Heather & Amy met in a contemporary dance environment whilst getting their MFA in Choreography.  Their shared theatre training (Heather at NYU, Amy at Bristol) led to a mutual desire to explore both areas of their expertise simultaneously.  Thus: nylon theatre!

At the moment we are fascinated and obsessed with:

1. the possibilities of physicality in performance, from quotidian gestures to epic motional phrases

2. meaning making, and how meaning changes as the performer moves through the disciplines, from movement, to sound, to text

We hope to explore the above using our experience in Lecoq’s notion of tension, physicality and gesture, Grotowski’s plastiques exploring the connection of physicality to emotion and imagination, Laban’s Effort Actions in conjunction with embodied voicework and various games, play, exercise and explorations.

We’re always looking for performers to collaborate with and hope you’ll be able to share a few hours of your time to come play with us!

Please reserve your place by emailing

Heather & Amy

P.S.  Please feel free to forward this along to anyone who may find it of interest!

*Click here for directions:



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