The reviews are in!

Whilst we revelled in the post-show euphoria/exhaustion, others were off writing about us!

Resolution! Review is The Place’s  online magazine, posting two reviews of every single performance within 24 hours. Six aspiring writers are paired with six professional dance critics to offer two different perspectives on each triple bill.”

It’s a great opportunity for writers, and a wonderful opportunity for us, the makers, to experience being reviewed.  And with that being said, here’s what they had to say about “Public Displays of Affection”.

“Subtle glances, smiles and stares ignite a playful sequence of movement in Nylon Theatre’s Public Displays of Affection. One dancer isolated, she looks on as two others unravel a ‘boy meets girl’ scene opposite her. She imitates hand holding and embraces, fumbling desperately about the space trying to hold on to something that just isn’t there. Ideas of solitude are evident so the interjection of speech as the dancers ask about loneliness seems unnecessary. The absence of the fourth billed dancer to this work may explain how at times the work fails to rise to expectation; possessing all the ingredients for a great short piece, the elements just don’t quite sit together in the end.” – Natalia Okeke

“If you’re feeling lonely, the last thing you want to witness is a petting, amorous couple standing beside you. This was the topic in Amy Watson’s piece in which the public displays of affection between a man and woman, were too much for the despairing singleton who forlornly caressed the empty space around her. Curiously her partner named in the programme had not made it onto the stage for whatever reasons; but actually the juxtaposition of her heart-felt isolation with the loved-up frolics of the others, gave the piece its raison-d’être.” – Josephine Leask


2 thoughts on “The reviews are in!

  1. Thanks for posting my review! Would love to see your work again to give it a fairer review with all your dancers there. Congratulations on your work at The Place though – it was a piece I seem to remember Jo and I mulling over for quite some time afterwards.

    Hopefully I’ll see Nylon Theatre’s name cropping up more and more soon!

    • Thanks so much for your review, and for commenting on our blog as well. Please do keep in touch – we’d love to have you at our next performance!!

      Thanks again,
      Heather & Amy

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