A stroll down the river…R & D for ‘Public Displays of Affection’

We spent some time today on London’s lovely Southbank, as part of the ‘research and development’ for our new piece, ‘Public Displays of Affection’.  I feel slightly guilty labelling it as ‘research’ as it mostly involves people-watching – one of my favourite pastimes!  Exploring real-life displays of affection has become integral to the piece, and watching behaviours has formed quite an extensive part of my making-process for a while now.  Not only was it lovely to see these tiny intimacies, these snapshots of contact and affection on a grey London day, but also very informative and exciting for us going back into a rehearsal space to think about the smallness of movements, the smallness of moments, and yet how large they can loom.  It’s all about finding the connections – in so many ways!


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